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Subcommittees under "International Service" include Global Outreach, Group Study Exchange, and Ambassadorial Scholarships; the "Soy Cow Project" described below is just one of the several international projects in which the club is involved. 

In addition, a longtime member of the club recently led a Group Study Exchange team to Australia for 5 weeks.

Soy Cow Project in Peru

This project is the result of a unique partnership led by the Oshkosh Southwest Rotary Club and supported by the Oshkosh Rotary Club.  Our Club is completely responsible for supporting the soy cow in Ate, a poor community in Peru.

This joint project has become a national model of interntional cooperation and effective project management in Peru and is one of the few soy cow projects that have persisted beyond the initial phase.

The two Oshkosh Rotary Clubs provide funding for the purchase of the mechanical cow as well as the soybeans, sugar and vanilla required for the production of soymilk.  The La Molina municipality provides the production and delivery staff and vehicle.  Soybeans are grown in Peru and are purchased locally by the production staff.

In November 2011, club members had the opportunity to make a "Rotary in Action" visit to the Peruvians who operate the soy cows, and the children and elderly who are their customers.



This operation also produces a by-product of undiscovered fiber called "okara", which is utilized as an ingredient in the production of bread by a government supported bakery.  The protein rich bread is distributed to the needy along with the soy milk.  As a result there is no waste product and the full nutritional value of the soybeans reaches those in need.