The Oshkosh Rotary Club and the Maria Christina Rotary Club in The Philippines partnered together to provide new computers that are made available to underprivileged students in the Ilgan School District.
The Philippines was in lock down for the whole school year.  Unlike our school system which owns over 8,000 computers which it distributes to under-privileged students, Ilgan has only 10 computers for under privileged students.     The school system has agreed to purchase ten and their club  will buy 10 more.  The Maria Christina Rotary Club came to us and asked for our assistance in providing 20 additional  computers, for a total of 40 additional computers for their students.
The cost of a computer is about $350 US,  So our goal was $7,500.  The Oshkosh Rotary Club Endowment Fund agreed to do a 100% match up to $3,750.  The membership goal was $3,750.